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Futuro - Consorzio formazione artigianato e piccola impresa  

Address: Via Corcianese - Olmo, 218/A,

6132 Perugia - ITALY


Contact person: Marina Gasparri

Telephone: +39 075 5173594

Email: m.gasparri@ecipaumbria.it

Website: http://www.ecipaumbria.it




Futuro is a consortium made up by the main craft associations (CNA and Confartigianato). Currently it provides vocational training courses, mainly in the wellness industry (hairdressing and aesthetics).It employs more than 30 teachers and 5 tutors. The consortium is connected to about 50 companies in which the students hold annually the period of internship / training on the job.



Consorzio Futuro is a project partner that will be in charge of identification and involvement of training companies in the Umbria region, and of implementation of the Go&LearNET Catalogue of the in-company seminars. It will coordinate WP3 activities.
Besides, Consorzio Futuro:

  • participates in the steering committee and in the partner meetings planned in Italy, organizing the meeting in Umbria
  • prepares country profile for the Compendium of WP2
  • implements relationships with schools, training centres and enterprises to build a Local Catalogue of in-company seminars for teachers and trainers
  • organizes planned piloting activities
  • contributes to implement dissemination activities as envisaged in the project (Dissemination Plan)
  • promotes local workshops in collaboration with Umbria Region
  • collects and provides data and information for the monitoring and evaluation of the project .


Local activities