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Regione Umbria- Servizio Politiche attive del Lavoro  

Address: Corso Vannucci 96,

06121 Perugia - ITALY


Contact person: Antonietta Petetti

Telephone: +39 075 5046423

Email: apetetti@regione.umbria.it

Website: http://www.regione.umbria.it




The Umbria Region has exclusive competence with regard to the legislation and programming in the area of vocational training and shared competence with the State as regards Education. The Active Employment Policies Service is responsible for the planning of regional policies for employment, training and guidance.
Region's role is to ensure the coordination and integration between the guidance services provided in different contexts and for different users. It carries out initiaves aimed to increasing knowledge, qualification of the system, and updating and training of the operators; to fostering the creation and automation of databases; to monitoring and evaluating results. Besides, Umbria Region has developed an integrated regional system of orientation, in order to overcome the lack of a unified national regulatory framework and the differences in terms of codes and culture background that charachterise the various actors working in the education and VET systems.



Umbria region is institutional promoter of the training activity for the target group. It contributes to the project dissemination within the Integrated Regional System of Orientation in connection with other active European networks.
Besides, Umbria region:

  • participates in the steering committee and in the partner meetings planned in Italy, contributing to the validation of the outputs of each project phase
  • promotes the integration among Systems and relationships with school and training institutions aimed to fostering participation of teachers and trainers in the in-company seminars of the Catalogue, and to validating the experience gained
  • contributes to implement dissemination activities as envisaged in the project (Dissemination Plan)
  • promotes local workshops in collaboration with Consorzio Futuro
  • collects and provides data and information for the monitoring and evaluation of the project.


Local activities