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Associazione Scuole Autonome della Provincia di Bologna - ASABO  

Address: Via Bartolini 2,

40139 Bologna - ITALY


Contact person: Filomena Massaro

Telephone: +39 051 547432

Email: fil.massaro@gmail.com

Website: http://www.asabo.info




Associazione Scuole Autonome (Autonomous School Association of the Province of Bologna) supports school institutions to strengthen organizational and pedagogical autonomy according to current regulations within the school system. It promotes exchange and collaboration among schools, Local Administrations, State and Regional School administrations. It favours and supports research and experimental didactic initiatives, guidance activities for students, and training of teachers and trainers.





The Association:

  • contributes to the institutional promotion of the training activity for the target group in the Province of Bologna and to the dissemination and valorization of the whole project
  • participates with own representatives in the coordination and management meetings of the project, as well as in the analysis, adaptation and implementation of the model with reference to the specific characteristics of the territory, economic sectors and target groups involved in the program of the in-company seminars (WP2)
  • contributes to the valorization and dissemination of the project results (Go & LearNET provincial workshop)
  • participates in the Final Conference in Bologna, contributing to its organization.


Local activities