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UNI-FLEXYS egyetemi inovvációs kutató és fejlesztő közhasznú  

Address: Miskolc-Egyetemváros,

H-3515 Miskolc - HUNGARY


Contact person: Eva Zsak

Telephone: +36 46 565 419

Email: eva.zsak@uni-flexys.hu

Website: http://www.uni-flexys.hu/en




The UNI-FLEXYS University Innovation Research and Development Public Nonprofit Ltd. was founded by the University of Miskolc on the 25th September, 2007, with the primary goal to generate, manage and realize R&D projects based on the scientific competences of the University.
The company actively contributes to the development of new ideas and technology transfer, favouring their effective exploitation. It promotes cooperation between business and research aiming to the creation of new business activities. It fosters and implements joint projects and organizes partnership events. UNI-FLEXYS provides its expertise in business and international affairs, providing a connection between the academic world and enterprises. It analyses needs of the business and industry world, linking them with education and vice versa, by implementing scientific analyses, researches and innovative marketing strategies.




  • coordinates project management in Hungary
  • participates in the steering committee and in the partner meetings planned in Italy, contributing to the validation of the outputs of each project phase
  • prepares country profile for the Compendium of WP2
  • implements relationships with schools, training centres and enterprises to build a Local Catalogue of in-company seminars for teachers and trainers
  • organizes planned piloting activities
  • contributes to implement dissemination activities as envisaged in the project (Dissemination Plan)
  • promotes local workshops
  • collects and provides data and information for the monitoring and evaluation of the project
  • participates in the Bologna Final Conference of the project.


Local activities