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The Go&Learn concept defines the structure of a flexible training unit container which, in a modular way, can answer to specific needs in terms of:

Local development and training activities (carried out within a local context : province, region, interregional, nation)

  • in-company economic discovery seminars
  • in-company thematic seminars


Crossborder tourism and human resources development (carried out in a crossborder context)

  • crossborder thematic and/or economic discovery seminars
  • crossborder in-company thematic and/or economic discovery circuits held in both the bordering countries

International mobility programs (carried out in a different European country

  • in-company international circuits of thematic and/or economic discovery seminars


It is thus possible to develop autonomous (local, crossborder or international) initiatives which refer to the G&L format and that eventually adhere to the G&L network.


Benefits for joining G&L network

Those local networks adhering to the G&L format will be allowed to use the G&L logo and graphics to qualify their own proposals as being part of a wider network of visits and seminars, with a variety of benefits:


  • be part of the general catalog list included in the GoandLearn website, with consequent dissemiantion at european level of the catalog
  • possibility to integrate the local proposal with other visits of the Go&Learn circuits, to expand the themes or the geographic extension of the catalogue proposal
  • valorization of the new partner proposals in terms of potential transfer within other catalogues, both crossborder and international, within the G&L network


For further information please contact:
Gilberto COLLINASSI, EnAIP FVG (g.collinassi@enaip.fvg.it)

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