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Go&Learnet Addendum

The Go&LearNet outcome will be integrated with the similar proposal -open to all the users- developed under the Go&Learn international initiative. The reference frame for the Go&Learnet network is thus the same of the Go&Learn project. All the documentation developed in the latter will be checked and -if any- integrations/modifications to the G&L reference standard document set will be listed in the Addendum and submitted for approval and adoption to the G&L network managment group (ENMG).

Go&Learnet Compendium

In the very first stage of the project, a study about the existing relationships between the school/VET systems and the companies will be carried out, thus allowing the partners to better adapt the Go&Learnet catalogues to the local situation.

Go&Learnet study visits' catalogues

The main outcome of the project is a set of (local) catalogues of thematic seminars and/or economic discovery visits in company for teacher and trainers.


Each catalogue holds a set of study visits in relevant companies of the territory. Those companies agreed to participate to the Go&LearNet initiative allowing operators of the school and vocational training sectors to visit their premises and update their economic and technical knowledge.


The catalogue of training visits is available inside the Go&Learn official catalogue's website: www.goandlearn.eu :


Go&Learnet FVG teachers' training catalogue

Go&Learnet CONSTANCE catalogue

Go&Learnet Area Metropolitana Bologna catalogue

Go&Learnet KONIA catalogue

Go&Learnet MARCHE catalogue

Go&Learnet SAVINJSKA catalogue

Go&Learnet UMBRIA catalogue


Go&Learnet ODISEE



Local activities